Repeating a phrase 80,000 times


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Hi all,

I've made a video documenting the effects of repetition during practice. In this instance, I take a short, three-note linear phrase, and repeat it 80,000 times over the course of a few months.

This video documents the results, including the mental and physical effects, and looks at the realities of consistent, repetitive practice in day-to-day life. I hope you'll find it interesting, and that it provides further fuel for the discussions on effective ways to practice.




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What an amazing experiment. Thanks for producing this and posting it.
The motivation factor is interesting. I always learn best when I need to learn a beat or groove for a specific gig. A pattern like this certainly helps soloing and fast fills, but there are very few styles of music which actually need this, which is probably why you hadn’t mastered it earlier.
Thanks again, I found it intriguing.

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I really enjoyed the video Jonathan, great experiment and I guess further proof that there are no magic bullets!.......Has baby got a kit yet? :)


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I'm actually doing this exercise (RLK) but significantly slower (100bpm quarter note pulse) to start with. After 5 nights of 15 minutes each I can tell a difference but I'm still not perfectly clean. I can also play it significantly faster (not nearly as fast as you) but I screw up quite a bit...
Also, my pain wasn't in my hands but in my right calf (heel down) so I'm thinking I need to work on my pedal technique as well.

Thanks for the video


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Wow Jonathan I love your experiment. It was a real roller coaster ride (and took longer than you predicted just like real science progresses at it's own rate)-and I love your analysis at end too-methodical metronomic repetition ignoring other areas is a slow way to go. Be nice to give it another go with another phrase just this time vary the method to see if productive faster. Like I wager using he phrase musically, at different tempos, would help playing it alone???


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Jonathan, what a great HONEST video. Loved it, thank you, thank you, thank you...for taking all that time and effort to make it. I could see your progress since you offered FULL DISCLOSURE, I can't say enough about that. THAT was really cool man. All your commentary was honest and on point. Everything, can't say enough.

This video is so serendipitous. Just yesterday I dedicated myself to scaling the huge barrier for me that is linear triplets...and you have this video today.

You're freaking me out man :)

Great video, much respect Jonathan.

Another reason I like it is because it completely flies in the face of the instant satisfaction mindset (not here) that is suffocating me. Anything worthwhile takes effort. And time. Time and effort. Time. Effort. Effort.


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Thanks for all the positive comments, I'm really happy this video resonates with people (it was a bloody chore to make!). I will repeat the process in the future, but with corrections and adjustments - variations, subdivisions, musical application, phrase combinations - and hopefully the results will speak for themselves.

Thanks again <3


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Wow very cool man! What a time consuming undertaking and how cool of you to stick with it and make the vid... thanks!