Renting/buying a garage for practice


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I live in Central London, UK, and I don't have much space for a kit in my current flat, and will likely move again soon. To rent a room with a kit in costs at least £5-£8 per hour, which really adds up over hundreds of hours. It would be convenient and cheaper to rent or buy a separate garage nearby where I could put a kit. Has anyone done this before? Is there anything stopping me that I haven't thought of? The sound-proofing would be non-existent... I could sound-proof it? Or rent a garage under a train line so it's already a noisy place?


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I've done that. Make it clear why you're renting the space, so there isn't an argument later. I built a room-within-a-room, with a suspended ceiling and second door. That greatly reduced the amount of volume escaping the garage, but certainly didn't stop all of it. If you get a garage set up like that, you can probably share the rent with another band or drummer, if the space is big enough for two kits or you don't mind sharing a kit.

If you're renting by the hour, you might be able to negotiate a deal if you commit to renting a lot of hours during less busy time slots.