Reni (Stone Roses) - what cymbals?


I’ve been diving back into my old indie records, specifically all the Stone Roses stuff. I’ve seen discussions on here describing the basic nature of Reni’s kit – bass, snare and floor tom, but never any mention of cymbals for some reason? Obviously he used a more ‘full’ kit fir the Heaton Park shows etc. but I’m more interested in the early days.

I assume he used all sorts of cymbals in the early days in keeping with his ‘hybrid’ vibe? One brand most all indie artists (Suede, Oasis, Blur etc.) seemed to be playing in the 90’s were Zildjian A’s, but then this is just a guess – does anyone actually know what Reni used? Love that nice ride sound on breaking into heaven and ten storey love song. Maybe a sweet ride or something?

Any ideas guys?




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The only one of their albums I used to listen to was 89's "Stone Roses", and all I can hear in my head is a set of bright cymbals. Sounds like a set of A's or AA's, but may be something else that just sounds like them.

Have you considered sending the gent an e-mail?


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Love the Stone Roses, and I really dig Reni's drumming. I often play a 3-piece setup as well, so I look to Reni for ideas.

In this early video, I spotted a black Zlidjian logo on the right side crash and a red Paiste logo on the left side crash. I'd guess the Zildjian is an A and the Paiste is a 2002. Couldn't make out the ride and hats. But overall, it's a pretty good look at Reni's kit and playing.


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^That was great. Such a groovy solo. I also liked those audience pans. They're so into it, and cool to see all the Reni hats.