Removing Wrap on Ludwig Classic Maples


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I have a circa 2007 CM that I would like to try and convert over to a 'natural maple' finish.

Has anyone successfully removed the wrap from the more modern Ludwig Classic Maples? Was it difficult? Anything I should be aware of besides the usual precautions when removing drum wrap? I'm curious about the quality and finish of the underlying maple once all the glue is removed.



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The outer ply of maple,may NOT have a clear grain structure or match the other shells in color,which is why it was selected to be wrapped,instead of natural maple or stained.

It's really a crap shoot as to whether this will work out.Unless I really hated the wrap,I'd leave well enough alone.

Steve B

Bart Hodge

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And I've heard those wraps (at least the cortex wraps from the older Ludwigs) are glued on with some ridiculously tenacious glue.


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The warp is the newer black oyster pearl finish, not the the much more classy looking vintage black oyster pearl unfortunately. Got them for a steal so I can't complain. I got a set of natural maples as well in different sizes and was hoping to 'combine' them into one set aesthetically. Oh well, not a biggie.