Removing stickers from cymbals.


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I just got a new crash (16" k custom hybrid) and I need to find a good way to remove the price sticker off of it without leaving sticker gunk. How do you do it?



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I can't help you but I know what you mean. Ive got a couple of stickers on the inside of my new hi-hats. it's a ball ache


I have never had to do this with a cymbal.
But I have removed manufacturers stickers from the interior
of glass windscreens etc.
I used a hair dryer on warm setting, at a distance, for just a minute or two & the sticker just peels right off. No problem at all.

Just a thought.


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Or try Goof Off 2 (industrial strength) or cheaper and more versatile, simple lighter fluid.

You'll need to peel what you can of the existing label, but any residue can be wetted with either solution and after a moment to soak in, can be rubbed off with a paper towel or napkin. A few applications might be necessary, but you'll get a clean cymbal with no haze or discoloration. You'll find that lighter fluid is great for any sticky residue on any non-porous surface, plastic included (always use a VERY soft cloth for surfaces that can scratch.)



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99% isopropanol works like a charm to remove stuff like this in seconds and does not react to anything else on cymbals like logos or protective spray coatings you see on certain pies for the record.

This has been my #1 choice for years for adhesive removal, dirt stains and such that doesn't remove anything else on drums or cymbals etc.. other than the target like this in question.


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Thanks for all your suggestions, I tried the isaproponol and it worked great!
Good stuff yjb63 :}

It's great too for easily removing stuff from drum shells without scratching, removing or damaging various types of fine drum finishes especially high gloss laquer finishes.