Removing sharpie from Ludwig wrapped drum?


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Awesome! :D

I used to do map overlays many years ago when I wore a uniform. Drape some clear plastic over a map, then draw important things on it with ultra-fine-point Sharpies. If I needed to move a tank-battalion symbol from one grid square to the next, I couldn't very well use rubbing alcohol. That's when I figured out the dry-erase trick. If it won't harm cheap vinyl sheeting, it won't harm plastic drum wrap.

Kit looks suh-WEET.


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The pen trick works with sharpie as well, as the solvent in the sharpie ink will dissolve the dried ink and then can be quickly wiped off with damp cloth. If the surface is smooth enough, a damp sponge should take it off as well. In our lab we usually use acetone for removing sharpie from glassware, but warm soap water will usually do the trick on a brand new piece of glassware; worn in pieces need a little chemical and/or mechanical encouragement. IPA is a little gentler, but I wouldn't use any alcohol or acetone for what you described. I'd be careful with rubbing too hard with even a soft cloth, as polished surfaces LOVE to take scratches (you can easily scratch a polished, high strength steel surface with a Kimwipe, for example). But it looks like you got it off successfully.


Nice looking kit by the way!


Wow. Nice kit!!!

Never knew about the dry erase technique. That's sweet.

I'm staring at the photo of your kit still. Holy crap. It's dreamy....


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Thanks for the compliments; it's a beauty. I had a very similar kit back in college and ended up selling it when I moved abroad, and I've regretted it for more than a decade... so when I saw this on eBay for what it was going for I jumped on it. Unfortunately I'm slammed with work right now so I'm not going to get a chance to tune it up properly for another week at least. Once it's all set up I'll put up more pics in the Ludwig thread.