Remote hi-hat question.



Les Ismore

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So I'm thinking about putting a hi-hat at my right behind the floor and having its pedal go next to the regular hi-hat and double bass. Do you guys know/think if the cable is long enough on this to be able to do that?

That cable is long enough.

How about do away with the cable altogether, an electro magnet on the HH activated by a wireless remote foot board?

Les Ismore

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Does anyone make those, or is that a DIY project?
Somebody is going to make one someday and it'll be the shit. A simple wireless controller foot board mated to an electro magnet operated HH, magnet strength (pull) adjustable.


ZERO latency

No contact vibration transfered to foot

Drop clutch imitation feature


Foot board would be battery powered

Electricity required for HH

Maybe Bill Bachmans next project(?)