Remo Vintage Emperor Coated

My brand new Ludwig Classic Maples just got fitted with these heads. Loved the sound of the kit with the clear emp's on them but love 'em even more now.

Meter man

Hey Jamie, Welcome to Drummerworld. I too recently purchased a Classic Maple set. I threw coated Emp's on the toms and they sound so good. You gotta post a pic of your new set when you get a chance.

Trip McNealy

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Vintage Emp's go wonderfully on the Ludwigs. I'm currently using Evans right now but I am still using the Vintage Emp on my Supraphonic snare.


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On the batter side I use coated Vintage Ambassadors on my snare drums and rack toms, I use coated Vintage Emperors on my floor toms, I really like this combination. On the resonant side I'm using regular coated Ambassadors on all rack and floor toms. The kit is a brand new Gretsch USA Custom.
That's the combo I've ended up using, too, but with single-ply clears on the reso. The coated Ambassadors on ride tom batters really define the tone of those drums, while the Emperors on the floor tom batters aid in accentuating the low end. The intervals work out just right in my case.