remo silent stroke - what is the ACTUAL volume level?


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I’m considering getting some silent stroke heads for apartment practice. From the YT videos I’ve watched they seem relatively loud, and a few forum posts I’ve read suggest some still get complaints from neighbours. So I’m a bit reluctant to spend if I end up getting complaints. Any thoughts on the actual volume level?

If I go ahead, I’m planning to use minimal kit at home (snare / hats (low volume) / 16” floor to bass drum conversion). I’m still currently using my TD9 e-kit, but have a yearning to try this out!

Hollywood Jim

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If you are worried about the volume, make sure you remove the bottom head.

The lowest sound level I was ever able to get was when I used Silent Stroke heads and my drums were completely full of laundry. Of course in this situation the bottom heads were necessary.

Playing any kind of drums in an apartment and not bothering your neighbor is always a tricky thing to do. Some apartments are built with thin walls.
If you tap a pencil on your nightstand and the person on the other side of the wall is trying to fall asleep, you might be bothering him.



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It is very nice that you took the time to do that. I have SS heads already, but I appreciate it nonetheless.

Thank you for this response. I hope it helps to provide the OP insights on whether or not to give them a try. I get tons of use out of the Silent Strokes.


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I measuerd db levels with my phone once. They are 10-20% volume of normal heads ( I have bottom reso heads on). I am not a heavy hitter.
Your L80 cymbals will be louder and likely more of the tapping to be heard by neighbors in apartments.
Silent strokes are a godsend for in house practicing. I can practice way more now when others are home.