Remo-Excellent Customer Service!


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I just wanted to say that I had a great experience with Remo.

I had ordered a 15" Coated Powerstroke 3 head from a large retailer online. For those that may not know, these come in two varieties, either "normal" (standard coated head) or with a "clear dot" on top (that is also coated slightly). I like the normal versions, and I've never been a fan of dots on heads, so I ordered the normal version.

The retailer sent me the head, and according to the part number on the box, it was the normal coated Powerstroke head. Inside was a Coated Powerstroke head with the clear dot on top. This obviously isn't what I wanted. However, this isn't on the retailer, as they sent me the correct item based on how the sealed box from Remo was labeled. This was on Remo for putting the incorrect head into the box, based on how the box is labeled.

I contacted Remo about it and explained the situation. They had me send them a picture of the box label and the head. They actually took ownership and made it right, and sent me a new (correct) head out same day. I received it today. They also included a free Quick Tech magnetic drum key. How cool!

Isn't it refreshing when a company actually admits their mistake, owns up to it and makes it right? Sadly, it seems like more and more companies across the board try to put the blame on someone else and try to avoid resolving the issue. This was so nice to see!

Thanks Remo for acting like a well run company should, going above and beyond and for caring about your customers!
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