Remo Classic Fit


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Am I correct in my assumption that the Classic Fit Ambassador is the same as a regular Ambassador, just with a different logo and a slightly larger diameter?

Also, is it just me or is the coating slightly more yellowed or "aged"?

Thanks for the help!


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As far as I can tell the only difference is that the hoop is slightly narrower so it'll fit on slightly oversized vintage drums. But I will say I've never had a problem fitting standard Remos on my vintage Ludwig kit. Standard Aquarians do not fit, on the other hand.


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Coating looks/feels the same, hoop has the same OD, but smaller ID compared to standard ambassador (for better fitment on tight drums) and the logo is much cooler


The classic fits do, as well.
Yes, my bad. But the collar on them is different, at least according to this article in NSMD:

That's how I remember them, too, from when I put them on my Gretsch RB kit. Wonderful heads, anyway.