Remo Black Suede Emp/X test


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Well, I just had to try them to see. I love the look of the suede heads...and they don't "bleed" to the stick tips and thus that is a great thing.

Now, having been a Remo user long ago before the Evans switch, I'm used to having to stretch them out. Once the glue-line cracked they set just fine, tuned right up. I put Emporers on the toms (10, 12, and 14) and a Black "X" on the snare (Maryland DC, 14 x 6, 20mm shell w/ Evans Hazy 300 reso, and 42 strand Puresound wires). I like toms tuned loose so they hold near the lowest functional resonant note of the shell. I must say, I'm pretty impressed. Good bottom end, crisp stick sound, feel is not thud-ish or dead. Snare is somewhat the opposite...I like mine tight...definitely nearer to the high-end margin. Not marching tight, but so it's crisp...not fat. The black "X" has a reverse dot and still maintains that crisp sound and feel.

The only thing I can't comment on yet is the durability of the Suede line. I'm broke-dizzle with the bum shoulder till I get further on my recovery, so it'll have to wait to see if they hold up better than "the old Remo" I switched away from.

Some pics (I cymbals even set up yet)...