Remembering Roberto Petaccia

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Remembering Roberto Petaccia


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Thanks for posting again........yes I also remember Roberto. This was around the same time I released my first book "Advanced Funk Studies". I even remember talking with him (by phone.....ha, no internet) and we shared many of the same influences . It was also shortly after this time that I wrote a few articles as well for the MD. Great memories of some great times and what the true beginnings of MD were are about.........Thanks again Scott and all the best. ciao form Milano.......Rick

Scott K Fish

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Hi Rick -

Glad to you're alive and well.

Roberto was the first drummer, in my experience, to master the heel-toe method of playing a single bass drum pedal. By playing his bass drum pedal with a rocking motion, Roberto was able to strike his bass drum with (I think) heel first and toes second. He was able to play that at different speeds. The technique was designed to produce the same effect later used by the double bass drum beater pedals used on single bass drums.



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I saw him perform with Maynard Ferguson about 1980ish. He was the first person I saw play open-handed. In my naivete, I thought he was just a left handed drummer playing a right handed kit. It never occurred to me that he chose to play that way!

He was a great drummer, though! I loved his playing.