Remember this brand?


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Anyone remember silverfox?

Amazing what you find when looking for something else. One old silverfox 'foxtail'' nylon brush, had these since my first endorsement deal with them back in the day! (Company is long since defunct!). I know the other one is floating about somewhere, As well as my old silverfox wire brushes and hot rods!

Im still with balbex drumsticks, just wanted to show off a relic of a bygone era :)

I had a pair of Silverfox laminated sticks years ago. They were interesting, rugged sticks that had black nylon tips. I also knew someone here in the states that had an endorsement deal with Silverfox.
I used their marching sticks in the late 80's and early 90's. The MS4's were one of my most fav sticks of all time. I still have them in my big bag of marching sticks...
I still have one that is called an M/R and has a black nylon tip. Peace and goodwill.
I loved them! I still have a pair of their Maple 515 sticks. I really liked their "Duracrylic" coating that they used; it made them last longer than was almost like they were dipped in a very thin yet hard wax. Some of the Wincent sticks I tried have a similar feel/coating.