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Having watched the tone of this latest related topic like the last one that got vaporized from view and seeing where this is going yet again time to get back to drummers and drums,cymbals etc.. and send this puppy to never never land once and for all IMO.
I, too think talking about religion in this forum is pointless and shouldnt be allowed. I mean the only provable fact about Christianity is that hundreds of millions of people believe in it. And talking about it on a drum forum and a couple people discrediting it by saying you cant prove any of it is not going keep people from practicing it. It is hard (really!) to make someone believe differently about a view they have been practicing since they were born
One of my big concerns that I have noticed when political or religious differences are brought up and people see where each other stands and don't see eye to eye on the subjects and the once happy flow of information on drum related topics till then between certain individual members takes on a different less open tone dividing the membership up.

Keep open discussions of POLITICS and RELIGION off Drummerworld Forum for the sake of our whole online community and for keeping it one.
For myself, I don't like being told what can't be talked about. Talking about things is okay, right? After all, it's only talking, discussing, the old back-and-forth. As to the argument that young people view these discussions, I say only this. So what? Are we supposed to provide young people with a sanitized view of what actually happens in life? Having said that, rules are rules and we're all priviledged to have this site, so we're all in the position of having to respect the guide-lines set down by those who have provided this site for us to use.
Still, it's fun to see just how much you can get away with...
First, let me say that religious, political, and other difficult subjects should, in my opinion, be limited on any music forum. However, I do believe that censorship must be avoided. What disturbs me about this thread, no offense to Bob, is that it starts with the concept of "Oh oh, what if we say something that offends ____ ____ (fill in the blanks)" I'm a 71 year-old dude and I've seen this attitude proliferate over my life time. We are sometimes so afraid to say or do something that will offend someone that our freedom of speech has suffered. Granted, religion, politics, and many other subjects are controversial. But if everyone starts thinking "oh, oh, who might be offended?" before they say or do anything; we have a problem. No one on this earth is quaranteed immunity from offending or being offended. No one has the right to put a gag in someone's mouth because they feel offended.
That's it!!!!!!!

I'm going over to a religious forum and shake things up by talking drums.

Come on, give an inch and let us go back in drums!

Greetings to all,
I don't understand why there is an issue?
People who want to discuss religion can do so, people who don't want to discuss religion don't have to. In the end the people throwing random rude remarks will be policed and belittled by those who are actually interested in the discussion.
My outlook on it is, this is Bernhard's house. He has house rules. He and the mods, NJ and DB do a terrific job of hosting. If they want to be lenient with those rules, from time to time, enjoy their hospitality. Don't abuse it. I hear the terms "freedom of speech", "censorship", etc., being thrown around. Funny, I don't recall Drummerworld being a democracy. Don't recall it having a "Constitution" guaranteeing us anything. It's Bernhard's dime. So I don't think we are protected by "freedom of speech". People who want a really, really, really long leash can (for $5 a month) start up a typepad blog and rant morning, noon, and night about any and all the taboo subjects (religion, gun control, abortion, politics, etc). On your dime, do whatever you want to do. On Bernhard's time, please respect the man. He's payin' something like $3.5K a month to throw this party.
Many good posits made, but since it is highly likely we will never exhaust the subject of music and drumming, then why clutter the topic with diversions that are neither here nor there. I don't think it is about freedom of speech, blah,blah, blah, but about being on topic. This is Drummerworld-the topic-drums, drumming, and perscussion. I think this topic alone can be volatile enough without adding extracurricular topics. I love Drummerworld. What a resource and wealth of info and super nice folks-like Bernhard. He has made a wonderful contribution to the world of music and drumming. Very inspirational.
Yes, talking about most anything with a wide range of personalities from all over the world is certainly volatile. Let's remember that the thread that was most volatile thread this week was not the Christianity thread, but the one on jazz.
It is, really, so simple. Straight from the forum rules..."First and foremost please keep in mind that this is a moderated forum. There are plenty of places on the Internet where you can pretty much do and say whatever you want. This is not one of them."......."Using the Off Topic Lounge
The original purpose of the Off Topic forum was to discuss subjects that were musical in nature but not necessarily drum-related. We have allowed a bit of leeway with this definition, but we have discovered through trial and error what fits here and what doesn't. Please do not discuss extremely trivial matters. Do not post jokes or poetry. Do not discuss politics or religion. Do not post links to “hilarious” videos of stupid people doing stupid things. If you, in your best judgment, create a post or thread that is deleted from this or any other forum topic, understand that we have the final say regarding what is appropriate and what is not. Unfortunately more posts are deleted from this topic than all others combined, and more members are banned based on their actions in this sub-forum. For these reasons, please do not abuse this area of the forum, and save us all the hassle involved in settling disputes that could easily have been avoided in the first place."
What if someone had said," I have been trying to play jazz and I just don't get it. I don't think that God wants me to play jazz." Should the response to that person be "There is no God and you're a fool for believing in God" or "Why don't you try playing jazz for Satan"? I Think that a more appropriate response would be "I play jazz and perhaps I can help you. Please describe the problems that you are having." Isn't that last type of response more in tune with the spirt of Drummerworld? Keep in mind that the first two responses were generated as a direct result of religious topics that were being discussed in another thread.
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Try joining a religious or automotive or political or knitting forum and see how receptive they are when you keep wanting to talk about flamacues or debate the virtues of birch versus maple.

Really, I'm surprised that this discussion is still going on. The rules are posted, they've been quoted here, and Bernhard has reiterated his feelings on the matter. Discussion closed. No religion, no politics, and play nice. Talk about drummers and drumming on every subforum except the Off-Topic Lounge, discuss pretty much anything marginally related to music there (and some things not), and save anything that you like to your own hard drive as server space may be opened up at any time by deletion of material. Everyone knows the rules. Please be respectful of our host. Thank you.
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