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For a while I have been thinking about getting a new kit. Then I realized that I love my current kit. It is a '99 Yamaha Birch Custom Absolute. Also a 6.5x14" Ludwig bronze Supraphonic snare that I don't want to do anything to. I would only just like to change the look of the toms to another look. Then today I thought, why not just re-wrap it and get new lugs for it. I want to go super traditional. Currently it is plum colored. I want to wrap it with Marine White Pearl and I want to find '60's lugs I can replace my current ones with.

Anyhow, I would like to know a few things.

1.) Is this way to change the look of your drums that won't effect the drum sound?

2.) If it is, what is the best company to deal with?

3.) Finally, I've been playing for 17 years. On a scale of 1-10, how difficult would you say doing this would it be?

4.) ROUGHLY what all is included in the process? Gluing? Screwing the lugs in? Or is it more difficult than that?


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Though it's not rocket science,you do need some skills and tools to do a good job.Changing the lugs may be problematic,since not all lugs have the same hole spacing as others.That means redrilling and filling in the old holes.

Too much info to post in a single reply.Try which is a drum builders forum.There are also tutorials on youtube as well as DVD's to help you along.

Also consider the expence of what you're doing.Jammin Sam has WMP on sale for 220 bucks for the wrap alone.Consider the expence of necessary tools and the cost of replacement lugs which can be between 4- 15 bucks EACH..You'll need 12-16 for each tom.and 16-20 for the bass drum.That adds up.Good luck.:)

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Yeah make sure the lugs you change to, match the holes that are already drilled into the drums. measure center to center of the hole and the new lugs will give you this measurement. Jammin sam is one company for wrap. his uses a strip of tape at the seem edge and no other adhesive. quick to install but i prefer the wrap to be glued all the way around. Check Precision drum as one source. The best advice i got on actually doing the wrap was a youtube video from some guy doing a floor tom. made it look simple and it was.