Regal Tip DeathEx Sticks


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Was given a pair of these to try by a sales guy at the local drum shop i frequent. My two constant go to sticks have been pro marks 5B naturals with a nylon tip, or a Vic Firth 5B hickory wood tip (starting to dig the wood tips more) so when he put these in my hands i had my doubts.

I have now jammed with them for over a week, and if theres one huge up side to these its that theyre very light and also durable, they seem to have quite a thick lacquer finish on them, and after 15 hours of playing have dents, but not chips, and the ridges on the tip have kind of flattened out a bit. For comparison i was breaking the pro marks every 2-5 hours of use and the vic firth sticks i have not broken, but i have chipped some of the wood tips .etc and i cant stand playing with them like that (my own ocd type thing).

I do find it a lot easier to get around the kit with the regals, i would say mostly due to the reduced size and weight, i lost very little power and attack out of them, and to be 100% honest i notice no difference between them and my wood tipped sticks on cymbals (mind you the type of music im playing doesnt rely on the subtle cymbal sounds) and the tips hold up very well to the abuse i put them through.

The major down side to these bad boys is the lacquer finish. Its slippery as all hell. They were unplayable completely until i got some ziljdian wax on them, and even with that i frequently have them slip out of my hands. Definitely need some grip tape, gloves or some such solution if you plan on playing these.

All in all i bought 4 pairs, they suit me fine, and im more than happy slapping some tape, shrink tube or some other thing on them to use them, as the feel of them fits me a little better than other sticks ive tried, theyre durable enough to be worth it, and the lighter weight helps with my fills and reduced wrist fatigue during faster songs.


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Do your hands sweat a lot when playing ? Then the RegalTip lacquer finish may not be for you. You could try sanding the shaft to roughen up the grip a bit, or use grip tape. My hand do not sweat at all and the RegalTip lacquer finish has been a Godsend for me. It allows me to relax my grip due to it's getting tackier when they sticks get warmer.


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Yeah, my hands do sweat quite a bit, but honestly id rather just put some grip tape on them and keep using them though, they really do work for me as far as the size and feel of them goes so im gonna keep truckin with them for a while yet.