Refinishing Fibes 1960s kit


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I decided to refinish the 1960s Fibes kit I've had sitting in my basement. I'm sick of lugging around my 24" tama grandstar, and want to use this smaller, lighter kit. It's from the 1960s and has the lip on the inside of the drum, made in NY.

I've removed the old metal wrap and there's some glue residue and rust stains on the Fiberglass. I want to paint and varnish the drums, but I'm not what material to use since they are made of fiberglass and not wood.

Has anyone ever refinished a fiberglass kit and have any suggestions? I don't want to mess the shells up. Thanks so much!


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Philly---no experience here with fiberglass although I hear it's not safe to inhale sanded work and the fibers get into your skin as well. Nasty stuff. I'd recommend checking in town there for a fiberglass working shop. Google fiberglass repair shops in Philly.

Big Foot

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If you're going to do it yourself then regular spray can enamel should work - custom color or from the hardware store. Fiberglass is nice to work with. Just use a quality paint and primer - thin coats...

1) proper sanding & cleaning
2) primer
3) sand again
4)primer again
6) Paint
7) sand
and repeat 'till you like it