Recording Vdrums on iPad


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Hi, I have had a very frustrating time attempting to connect and record a Roland TD4-KX2 drum kit to my iPad using a USB-midi cable (MConnect) and the Apple camera connection kit, using Garageband as the recording software. I have read of other people achieving this, but it doesn't work for me.

It DID actually connect once, and recorded but this appears to have been quite random, as it won't do it again.

I open Garageband, select a new instrument (I have tried the drum kits and a simple clean guitar amp), connect the cables via the camera connection kit, but...NOTHING.

If ANYONE has any advice that would help me to achieve this, I would be eternally grateful. I only have 5 days before my return period on the iPad runs out. I bought the iPad solely to record drums (as I was led to believe that this is quite straightforward). Perhaps there is an alternative software/app that someone could recommend?



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Thanks for the reply. I checked it out, but it states:

'The Wireless Connect system connects via the USB port on a compatible Roland instrument.'

Unfortunately, the TD4-Kx2 does NOT have a USB port. Therein lies the problem.

To be honest, I'm looking for ANY advice on recording my Vdrums. I can't hook them up (via midi) to my desktop Mac, as it is down a flight of stairs in another room (carrying it up & down stairs is a disaster-in-waiting).

If anyone has ANY advice on recording Vdrums on any device (as long as I can later get it onto a computer) I would be extremely grateful.



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Well this is what I do.
I have a Pearl E-Pro. RED box module has 2 RCA style outputs. I use a patch cord that goes from RCA to stereo mini jack. I plug the mini jack into my Zoom digital recorder. I also plug my I-Pod into my RED box module and play along to drum less tracks (play attachment).
I had a Roland TD4-KX2 also that I sold to get the Pearls. I used to do the same thing, plug in the output of the TD4 (1/4" plug?) with an adapter patch cord into the Zoom recorder. Now I have heard that the Audicity program (free download) has the ability to record from the mini plug input on your MAC. I'm not smart enough to figure that out. Hell, I have a MAC and can't figure out how to use Garageband! That was half the reason I bought a MAC!



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Thanks, alvanko. I will check out your recommendations/set-up.

Many thanks for the reply/info- that's really helpful.