Recording Roland V-Drums?


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Hey guys, I am not really technically inclined, especially with recording software. I have a Roland TD-11 KV-S kit and I was looking for the best way to record them into GarageBand. Does anybody have any pointers?


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USB Cable from the Module to the Mac (MIDI over USB)

In Garageband:

Add a track (+)
Select "Sound from Mac"
It will default to a piano. On the left, select "Drum Kit"
Select a drum kit from the list of available ones.

The neat part is, it is recorded as MIDI notes, so you can select any of the available kits for playback.

Note, If some of your zones do not work, you might have to remap them. Hit up youtube for tutorials. For me, My HHat only worked when closed on a DXT532, and I had to remap the open and "chick" sounds


Run an audio cable to your computer's line-input (if your mac has one) from the module's line output and record the raw audio.
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I don't use midi, just the instrument cable. I send it along with the other instruments (thru an interface) to GB

If you want to record drums only, I think the easiest way is to use the instrument cable along with a a 1/4" to 1/8" adapter and plug it into the Mac mic port. To record, start a project, add an instrument, choose drums and "detailed drums", click preferences (in GB), audio and select the Mac as your input (and output) source.

The ease of recording is one of my favorite features of the E kit. I can sit behind the kit with a wireless mouse and redo tracks without even getting up.

Of course a good A kit with the proper room treatments, types and placement of mics and a good mix will sound better, but for demo and learning purposes, it sounds close enough to me.