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I'm sure I have posted plenty about recording, but this time I'm serious about getting some.
I know absolutely nothing about recording, and I do not know what equipment I need either, besides mics. Can somebody kinda give me some pointers and recommendations for gear?
Thank you so much.


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From the questionnaire

These are questions you need to sit down and figure out, or at lest commit to an answer before you begin your journey.

What is your desired budget? What is your maximum budget?
Are you recording alone, or with other instruments playing simultaneously in the same room?
Will the equipment be used to record live performances?
How many pieces is the drum kit you will be recording?
Are you currently using a mixer? Are you looking to add a mixer?
What DAW do you intend to use?
Do you require the ability to record when 'not' tethered to a computer?
What is the intended quality level (amateur / professional)?
What styles are typically being recorded?
What equipment do you already possess?
How do you intend to monitor and playback (headphones, studio monitors, pc speakers?)
Will you be recording anything other than drums?


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What are you trying to record?
Do you have mics or any other gear like a mixer or an interface already?
How much $$$$ are you looking to spend on this!?

I record myself playing drums and occasionally I'll add in a song off my phone or my iPod I use a Tascam 4 track cassette recorder, a decent bass drum mic and two Pyle PDMIC78 mics (Shure SM57 copies on Amazon for $15). I'm obviously not going for the highest quality recording but it gets the job done!

Once I have the drums recorded onto a cassette I hook up my 4 track into my interface and run the tracks into garageband and polish the turd up a bit.

You could also use a digital multitrack recorder, you just need to think of how many microphones you're going to NEED to mic up your kit.