Recording...Mixer levels and mic placement


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I bought CAD Premium Mics, cheaper but I have heard great reviews and actual recordings with them and they can sound great. That being said I also bought a peavey 14 channel mixer. I have no experience with recording so when looking at the mixer it is like a whole new world to me. I need advice, references, or any input that can help me understand what the function of these knobs are for. Pre, Post, Mon, Gain I know nothing about any of them and can't find any clear research on it. Also I want a crisp hard hitting sound any tips for mic placement, i.e. I just bought a ported bass head, have to flip it upside down because the mic stand I have for the kick doesnt go low enough to get the mic deep in there for more close do I need it to the batter head? I could use any tips knowledge or references. Thanks.


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It takes a very long time to learn all of that. I do not type well enough to even begin to answer those questions. I do know much about all of that, so I will try to get you started.

"Pre" controls the amount of volume coming INTO that channel of the mixer.

"Post" is how much volume from that channel goes to the main mix.

"Mon" is a buss (pathway) for a monitor channel.

"Gain" is about the same as "volume" on a stereo.

There MUST be some information about mixing and recording somewhere on the internet. Play around with it, and if you are listening through speakers, be careful to avoid feedback and/or damaging your speakers. Good luck.


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That definately gives me a starting point and thanks for warning me of the feedback. It's just going to take time to get it down. No one explanation is going to give me all of the answers. I'm beginning to understand that.