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I have some drumless tracks that I would like to play with and record my playing so I can critique myself. When I record now through my PC with a webcam, I obviously only hear the drumming on the playback (because the drumless audio was playing on the PC). I'd love to hear both together.

How can I play and record both together on a budget?



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You can mix the 2 using an audio program like Audacity (which is free) or professional audio software. You'd mix what you recorded (using a webcam mic, or something better =P) and the drumless track. You'd just need to sync them up which is pretty simple to do


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Assuming you have acoustic drums you will need a mic (or a pair of mics-stereo or more!) and then a PC interface such as a USB interface. This interface will take in external sources (mics) and then convert to digital and transfer the data via USB connection to your PC. You will need a recording software for your PC. There are lots of software producers, you can download some lite versions for free.



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Can you recommend the right interface or at least an inexspensive one that will work? And will that audacity software be adequate for this setup?

The choices seem endless and I'm not familiar with recording music.

To be clear: I have acoustic drums.
I take a mic (or mics), plug them into an interface, plug interface into PC. Software then converts the signal and allows me to record. Then I mix the drumless track I played to with the recorded drumming?

Is there anything that records the drumless track and the drumming simultaneously?

Thanks and much appreciated ... super new to recording. I just want to check my playing.



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Thank you.

How many mics would I be able to hook up to this interface?

So I guess this is all I would need to do a basic recording?