recording help


so after my band recently broke up I've decided i'm gonna go with my original plan of recording drum covers. mainly im looking for some advice. theres a local guy selling 2 apex 180s and an apex 435. as an interface i've been looking at the presonus audiobox 44. i have a laptop. im running windows 7. 4 gigs of ram 64 bit intel i3. besides the cables and stands is this all i need to record?


For a basic recording set up that will absolutely get you started, especially if the presonus comes with the basic studio one software. I haven't personally used it but I hear it is really good and very easy to use which is a plus.

It's easy to go down the rabbit hole and start buying a ton of gear to make better recordings etc but I would suggest a decent dynamic mic for the bass drum like the Sen e602 and a cheap dynamic for your snare like an sm57. But you don't have to have them to start if the Apex's are cheap then you can put the 435 in front of the bass drum and play with the overhead placement and get a good starter setup.

The only caveat is that the presonus is only four channels, so you will be limited to that. That is fine, tons of amazing recordings have been done with less. However, if you ever plan on expanding it might be worth it now to go ahead and get an eight channel interface now instead of buying the 4 channel, then selling it, then buying something else later - just food for thought.