Recording from Roland TD9


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I have a Roland TD9 and want to record some backing tracks from it onto a friend's Boss Micro BR. Has anyone had any experience of doing something similar?

The Boss unit is a micro recorder, like a mini handheld recording studio. It picks up great reviews for people recording songs on guitar, but usually people use the inbuilt drum tracks for backing. I don't want to do that.

My question is really how can I connect a device like this, and is it possible to record using a backing track but not have it heard on the finished recording? I guess this would be kind of similar to using the inbuilt metronome - would that be heard on a recording directly from the drum module?

Help is much appreciated

Cheers guys

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All I can tell you is that you would record the drums just like you would record a guitar.

Use the instrument cable out of your TD into he recording device.


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Hi x-pack:

I believe you will need an audio interface that allows you to feed both the output of your TD-9 and the song source in and enables you to monitor the song over headphones while recording the drum track you are creating onto your PC. You can also record the song then mute the tracks later. 4 channel in audio interfaces start around $200 US, sometimes less and many come bundled with simplified DAW packages.

Good luck!