Recording E-drums

Mr. Serpent

I'd like to record some audio of my playing, but I'm not quite sure how. I know I could hook the brain up to some speakers and then record what comes out...but that just seems very ametuer and I should be able to do better with an e-kit.

Can anyone give me any advice? I can provide pictures if necessary The available ports are: MIDI out, two output ports (L and R), aux in, and a headphone jack.

This may seem obvious to some but I have no idea, any help is appreciated.


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Connect the brain's headphone jack to your computer's line in, then use the program of your choice to record the audio signal.


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You have two options

1. record audio, plug the output of the brain into an input device to your recording system,
2. record midi. you will need a midi interface to your recording system.

The MIDI is easy to manipulate and change sounds. If you do not have multiple outputs like on the Roland TD-10 or TD-20 the midi will allow you to edit tracks individually after recording.

I personally record audio from my TD-20 but that again is because I have enough outputs to give me individule tracks.

You need to look into your recording system and figure out how to use it. This is the variable here, MIDI is a standard so it will be the same from device to device.

Mr. Serpent

Ah, thanks both of you.

I worked out how to do it, I just need to find either a headphone splitter, or another one of these Male/Male headphone jacks (not sure what they're called), so I can actually hear what I'm doing as well.

Otherwise, it works, thanks.