Recording E-drums on my pc. Help Please!


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Hi, I have a Yamaha DTX 700K Electronic Kit.
I would like to do two things 1) Play along with a backing track and record that as a single file. 2) play a piece and have it recorded as a drum chart.

So does anyone have any idea what i need to accomplish these goals?

Cubase AI 6 came with the kit but i have no idea how to use it. some YouTube videos make it look really good but i'm completely lost.

The midi gets sent to the DAW & there it gets processed by a drum program such as superior drummer or XLN AD drums.

That gives you 2 tracks. ie, the backin & the midi file.

Need to look into how to get the midi into your daw so i reckon you'll probably need to pick up an interface to do so.

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So does anyone have any idea what i need to accomplish these goals?

You need internet access and the desire to learn something :)

I researched the hell out of it, picked up a DAW, learned to use a basic recording program and now it is extremely simple. With a flat screen TV for a monitor and a wireless mouse/keyboard, I don't even have to leave my throne.

I run the kit (along with the other instruments) via instrument cables thru a Zoom R16 DAW into the computer recording software (Garage Band) via USB cable.

I don't think you will need a DAW. I'm thinking you can go right into the mic input on your computer. You will however have to learn the basic functions of Cubase. If I can figure it out, anyone can. Patience and persistence.

In the olden days, all we had to do was hold down the record button and push play :).


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Thanks for the replies, although the only thing i really understood was the reference to the cassette recorder. Guess i finally got old, eh :)

My ability to study is hampered by my need to work, but I've managed to get the Yamaha to talk to cubase and i worked out how to get an mp3 to play as a track.

Its a bit hit and miss whether i get audible play back or not. sometimes it plays perfectly, sometimes i get the bouncing lights but no audio and at other times get nothing at all.

I am struggling to understand these virtual devices and connections and stuff. Give me a box of cables and i could workout how to wire up any amount of real devices together.