Recording drum set with Android


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I'm working with a 3 piece original rock band and want to figure out what I need to record and send drum tracks to my band mates. They both have iPhone and I'm on Android. The bass player has the garage band app and was sending me tracks through text/email that he recorded by plugging straight into his phone.

Does anyone know a way this can be done on an Android phone with a mic? I'm wanting to send ideas or play over his tracks if it's possible and be able to send the files back and forth through a phone.

I'm not good with the modern technology, but if there is a way to do this it will be an amazing tool to get ideas on the go out while at your own place.


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Software wise, there's nothing that is directly compatible with GB. While you can record and export audio files, he'll have to import them on his side, line up tracks, add treatment, etc.... and vice versa. The workflow is bearable for one-offs, but tedious for all involved and not conducive to collaboration.

The only Android app I've worked with (briefly) was Audio Evolution. I did not dislike it, but I do not feel it's a competitive replacement for what Apple is trying to do.

FWIW, I use GB and Logic, and to be able to directly collaborate with a writing partner, in real time over iCloud, has been a godsend.


garage band is just one of those things that works if you all have it.

I honestly don't think there's anything on Android that's like it.

My friends wife created some nice tunes on garage band, they mixed it down to wav files and imported into my cubase version to add live drums. That's the only way it can work, if you mixdown to wav and send it via dropbox or summat.


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I did check out the audio evolution and it's too complicated for me. Meaning I'm too lazy to learn it but might have no option.

What I do have is a zoom 8 but don't know how to be able to play over the tracks that the guitarists or bass player puts down. I'm just wanting to listen to what they send me, and play my part and send it back to them over top of their tracks.

Computers and cell phones are way past my technical knowledge. Hell... the zoom is hard for me so it's hard to communicate what I'm trying to do.

What I'm understanding so far is that I would have to have an interface on a computer that I could send those recordings to(that was sent to me from the garageband). Then record my part on the zoom and put it with the interface of the guitar parts. Is that possible with Windows computer?


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The only adhoc workflow with the Q8 would be to play your friends song on your cell/earpods, play along with it while recording with the Q8, and send the recording back to your friend to sync up.

This is not a workflow I would be happy with.

Is your Windows box a desktop, or laptop?


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It's a my roommates desktop and is built for gaming, so it has the power and space to do whatever I want with Windows 7 I think.

At the place we practice is a full Mac studio. They both have the iPhone thing going on. So it's real easy for them to trade those tracks through the garage band and for the guitarist (which owns the Mac) to record through that.

We are doing a practice CD at this point with a metronome with separate drum, guitar, and bass tracks so everyone can practice their own parts without their own instrument playing on the CD.

What I'm wanting here is just an easy way to put tracks together easily and send it through email or cell phone. So it could be just my drum track sent to them and vise versa. But, if the bass player sends me a track I want the option of paying over it and sending those two tracks together.


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So maybe the Best way is to just record my track on the zoom and send to the guitarist email and have him put them together on the Mac? Don't know if that can work but just thought of that.


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So maybe the Best way is to just record my track on the zoom and send to the guitarist email and have him put them together on the Mac? Don't know if that can work but just thought of that.
Here's the concern...

When collaborating, everything has to be (roughly) in time. Software DAWs that know the BPM, Sig, and Key of a song will open a slew of features that are not available otherwise. So basic workflow is like this.....

1: Guitarist/keyboard lays down a scratch track to a click with a known BPM. This gives you the BPM, the arrangement, and some info about dynamics.

2: Drummer records while listening to the scratch track and plays to its click.

3: Super-recording-alpha-band-member "Doug" pulls the drummer track and scratch track into a DAW. Doug sets the BPM, timesig, key, populates the arrangement track, and gets everything just right.

4: Everyone lays down their tracks to the drum tracks. The scratch track is only kept for reference.

5: Doug aligns, mixes, treats, automates, and masters the tracks. He also updates the band cloud, groupware, and social media accounts.

6: Doug quits the band because everyone else constantly complains that they don't sound great because of the way he mixed it, and that the social-media pics do not capture the appropriate quantity of "mean-face".

Sound manageable?

On the flip side. Is it within your power to grab a used R16, used Mics, and a used MacBook? (i.e. will you be able to make a $1200 investment in the next year?)


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Ha ha ha, Doug playing to a click? Ha ha!!!!!!!

Doug plays the guitar!

Doug can't cut it, but he has cool hair.

The mixing and mastering is going way too far. This is just to share ideas so Doug can learn the songs and stop whining. And the super alpha bass player n me can write scratch tracks for possible future songs.

Thanks for the breakdown!