Record Store Day 2021


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Any vinyl aficionados geeking out over this year’s drops?

Some titles I’m interested in:

- Opeth Morningrise. Black/death metal classic. Ridiculously expensive to get on vinyl.

- Mr. Big Lean Into It. 90s power rock classic.

- Miles Davis Jack Johnson sessions. Jack Johnson might be the hardest rocking and grooviest rock record I’ve ever heard.

-Genesis Knebworth 1990. Not their best ever set but I’m a completist and need everything they’ve ever released on vinyl.

What about you guys?

C.M. Jones

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I still love vinyl but haven't bought any in a while. It's a tradition I'd like to reinstate though. I always find downloads somewhat unfulfilling, probably because they lack tactile presence.
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Exactly - there is so much to be said about listening to an album while reading the liner notes, lyric sheet and album art. Listening to an entire album provides insights and connections between and across songs that you don’t appreciate when listening to individual tracks.

Honestly, my appreciation of music has grown greatly since I have backed off from mp3s as my primary source of music. Digital music is to fast food as vinyl is to a 5-course meal. Yes it takes longer and yes it may be more expensive but you will feel like you had an actual experience when listening to vinyl.


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I like CDs and just bought about 10 of them for $2 each. Bunch of 80’s stuff that brings back memories - the Outfield, Genesis, Eddie Money, REO Speedwagon, Peter Gabriel, etc. That’s my private oasis when I listen to that music in my car.

No Way Jose

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I haven't seen a record store in years.

I found boxes of records in the trash dumpster. Mostly records from the 50's and 60's. I don't have a record player.

No Way Jose

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I'm on the lookout for more records in the trash. They are going to get rescued.


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My youngest daughter bought one of those ole time-y 45 record players everything all built in to play 45s. I told her I'd buy her a nice stereo but she wanted the smaller player. I remember in 60-70s about every living room I walked had those cabinet stereo record player/radio-some even also had a built in TV. I remember the first TV controller="clicker" was a black and white TV my Uncle Bill had in his basement in the 60s. The controller had a tuning fork in it that would "ping/click" to change channels so it's been a clicker ever since-my kids call it that too LOL.
Amazing how technology has changed. I photochop stuff on here just using the lasso function on the image to make my fun cartoons but when I was researcher and the school first bought PhotoShop we were all trying to figure how to use it. The manuals were a huge pain so it was fall and hunting season and a friend in our hunting club had killed this monster huge buck and I had a pic of him with deer on tail gate and him standing by holding an antler. Using that image I created a dozen or so images just having fun using my imagination. Had one reversing it so he's dead on tail gate and deer holding his head, etc.. One I was able to turn his thumb into a phallus which had him "mounting the deer" and another hunter explaining No that's not what that means cartoon. Now the images were just for me and to experiment how to use Photoshop but I showed them to my brother. And I told my brother this was just fun trying to figure out Photoshop (look how cool this is) and specifically told him not to show everyone. Which I should have known the first thing he does was take them to big fancy gala party of high society and showed them all to everyone-which the fella in club hasn't spoke to me sense. I told my brother "You didn't think people might find some of these offensive at a big gala party?". He just laughed. Well anyways doing that I became the go to guy for using it in our lab-we could even use densitometry function to a standard curve so we could quantify the amount of protein or it's phosphorylation state, or or kinase activity using PS. It changed how we did research because any errors in images of gels or immunoblots could easily be erased-rather than time consuming trying to produce an image without any artifact. I digress sorry. So much for short and concise.
I love records but I'm not a fan of the Record Store Day - most stuff is pretty expensive and aimed at collectors, so these records also get bought by people that want to sell them for a premium price to those that missed out. I don't need fancy gatefold covers with etched numbers in the runout code. I much prefer browsing a second hand record store and finding two good records I've never heard of before. Not knowing what you'll find (if anything at all) and then sitting down with that new unknown record is half the fun to me. :)
I think the only "Deluxe Edition" record I've ever bought was the newly discovered Coltrane record because there were alternate takes on the second record and it wasn't too expensive.


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I get my vinyl direct from the artists. Clutch has a very nice selection of their albums on their website.
One advantage to Spotify, it has direct links to most bands merchandise straight from the app.
The Mars Volta is dropping their entire catalog on limited release vinyl. Quite the price tag, however.