Recommended listening for Jazz 3/4?


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Trying to get that 3/4 together. What recordings and/or drummers would you consider the cream of the waltz crop to listen to?

Been messing with Todd Bishop's World's Shortest Roy Haynes waltz lesson, but that's really the doctoral class, not the freshman class. Who do you go to for solid waltz vocab?


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In almost every jazz albums you have at least 1 tune in 3/4, often 2, they are not rare.

I remember Max Roach : Jazz in 3/4, the whole album but I don't like practicing that style very much. I prefer to cherry pick the 3/4 tunes in my albums.

Thanks for that exercise Todd, again!


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Thanks for the mentions and links you guys. A few of my favorites-- that spotify list is good too...

Tony Williams on this last one, damn!

Thanks a lot you guys, this is just what I was looking for.


Looks like lots to check out above that will keep me busy for a while. Here's a favorite of mine. Wouldn't call it a waltz, but definitely in three.



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