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Hi all,

I recently joined a band and I am using V-drums. However, I can't stand the electronic hi-hat. IMO it's not accurate in mimicking a real hi-hat, so the band leader is allowing me to use real cymbals for that.

Anyways, I am looking for something to keep the stage sound to a minimum because one of the singer's mics is so live that it picks up everything. I will be using an acrylic cymbal shield to help deflect the sound but still hoping to minimize any stage sound coming from the cymbals. I would prefer something with a light, crisp sound where you get a decent partially open sound without hitting hard.

I have a set of classic Zildjian "new beat" hi-hats that I have used for years but the sound is a little heavy for what I am looking for and IMO they don't sound good with a lighter stroke, too "clangy" I guess.

Any suggestions are appreciated.



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I think something from Meinl might actually work really well.

Something like the Benny Greb Sand hats or my favorite the Vintage Pure hats.

Their dark, crunchy but medium volume and not at all bright or over bearing.


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Zildjian A Special Recording hats .....


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The dilemma you're facing is that a 'traditional' hi-hat is way too loud if you want to keep the volume as low a possible, but if you use a low volume type of cymbal like @Bo Eder suggested you will sacrifice sound. I have a Zildjian 14" Low Volume Hi-hat and it surpasses all electronic models in feel and realism (well yeah.. they're actual metal cymbals), but it lacks an 'real' cymbal sound you get from an e-cymbal and module.

Having said that, the Zildjian Low Volume has a pretty good sound IMO. It's not too loud and if you use a monitor with the V-drums i'm pretty sure you can dial in everything nicely (be sure to mic the hats too). Half open they work good as well.

And the other option is just using hot rods with a 'real' hi-hat, but hot-rods and mesh heads aren't the greatest of friends... ;)


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How about some Sabian FRX hats? They are not as loud as normal hihats, yet real hihats and not a sieve gone hihhat. Alternatively look out for really thin hihats, preferably in traditional or natural finish.


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Thinner, darker hi hats will seem less loud but wouldn't be as much of a sacrifice.

Dream Bliss hi hats immediately come to mind, but if you do some looking for an old used pair of Paiste 404 I think they'd serve you well too.

Luke F

Both Zildjan and Millennium sell low volume hats but these may be to quiet for what you need. I’m afraid I don’t have any experience with low volume hi hats so I’m not sure what to recommend you but these are a few I’ve found