Recommendations for Zoomatic Replacement


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Hi Folks,
I have a 1962 Slingerland marching snare drum that I would like to update the original strainer on.
Does anyone have a suggestion for a relatively easy replacement?
It would be nice to change out the butt plate too...


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I've done quite a bit of this research for odd fits, generally a vintage item I don't want to drill holes in. Is a Zoomatic horizontal mounting? That will thin the herd for you real quick, if so.
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There is nothing that fits the existing holes. You will need to make an adapter plate to mount whatever strainer you choose. You can make one with some flat aluminum bar from the hardware store. Just figure out what strainer you are going to use and make the plate long enough to accommodate the existing holes and the strainer. Often you have to countersink the holes for the new strainer on the back side of the plate so the screws are flush to the surface of the back of the plate.

Inde drum lab has an adjustable width butt plate and their strainer has adjustable slots too so it might be a good choice.