Recommendations for (non-BD) tom mounts?


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Looks like there's a run on Gibraltar racks or something. Nobody has them except at 2x normal price.

Any thoughts on the DW? It would be cool to match my existing hardware, but the DW gets a premium price. Also, I haven't been able to find hex arm tom mounts to fit my new toms (Sonor kit on order).

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My rack is a DW rack. Its stainless steel so a lot tougher than Gibraltar, but only slightly heavier.

I had Gibraltars in the last 23 years when playing Yamaha untill I moved to DW.

I love the sleeker lines you get with the DW horizontal mounts too.

The only downside is that you have less clamps to choose from.

You could use gibby clamps on it though.

I dont like the “stealth” racks with all the vertical rack pipes used for cymbals, as that really nullifies the stealth concept in general.

Also I find a three sided rack to be easier to work with then a stealth setup, and a three sided rack makes sure the kit is always setup the same. To the mm.


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What is a stealth rack?

My plan at this point is to go with a Gibraltar front rack to hold 3 toms and two crashes, then ride and aux crash on existing DW stands to my right. Hopefully the rack I'm looking at will be back in stock before my drums come in.


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A stealth rack is a ver low to the ground mini rack on either side of the kit to mount things of.

the more it gets in the way visually, the less stealthier it becomes.

Good choice. As it will give you both the flexibility of a rack and stands.

You can even opt for leaving the rack in your practice space and take the stands to gig with, then to put them back with the rack when the gig is done.


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I like the DW9000 double tom arm stands.
Two stands will get you three toms and three cymbals mounted with the addition of 2 cymbal arms and one dog bone arm.
I find the stands to be much easier to work with for positioning and of course for gigging.