Recommend Some Good Ash and/or Mahogany Kits

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I'm currently looking for an ash or mahogany kit I can get in the used market. I'd like to keep it under $600 including shipping. I'm located in the US and below are some kits I'm looking into. If you have any experience with them care to share your opinions? Or feel free to give me some new suggestions I don't have listed.

Ddrum Dominion Ash
Ddrum Dominion AMX

Yamaha Rock Tour
Gretsch Catalina Club (any series)


If you're going ASH/Mahogony then just go with the Rock Tours... Right now Musicians Friend is selling off the 3pc (22,12,16) for $500.00... Thats a steal...

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Yeah, I hear they're discontinued now. Prices will probably drop even lower in a month or two, especially in the used market.

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Andrews Music has a Gretsch catalina ash 6 piece kit for 600 right now.:)

Steve B
I actually have a friend with that kit. For $600 I feel like I could get a better quality kit, not saying they're poorly built. Just feel like I could find a better deal on a higher quality ash kit.