Recommend some drummers that are not yet on drummerworld


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I know someone already said it but we really need Sean Kinney on here. His drumming is so underrated, his technique and style are just out of this world, man.
His stuff is so tasteful and powerful. It's like effortless playing that appears deceptively simple. In my mind, he was at the top of the players that came out of the early 90s Seattle/grunge scene. Others got way more recognition which didn't make sense....


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This local to my area, part time, basically hobbiest drummer named J-Boogie. Oh man can that guy groove, sort of, and chops, goodness, he almost has those too. Sorta groove and almost chops for days! Check this guy out


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Budgie, from Siouxsie & The Banshees and The Creatures. Wonderfully adventurous! Check out his playing on Siouxsie's tune "Parties Fall"...sublime!

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Raghav Mehrotra
I am jumping on his bandwagon and hoping he gets picked up and goes with an established top band leader.
Check out his drumeo instructional, you Will see what I mean Bernhard.


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I second Blake Fleming. His album Time's Up is a must listen for drummers.
TUCKER RULE!!! One of the most underrated rock drummers ever.

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Andy Parker from U.F.O. is my first choice.
So many vids of them over time, you can see and hear so many great things from him.

Or Cozy Powell, if he needs a page..


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Marcus Gilmore
Kendrick Scott
Johnathan Blake
Tony Allen
Justin Tyson
Justin faulkner
Mark colenbur
Harry miree
ash soan

some of these may be on here already not sure but yea