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A lot of murmuring from the peanut gallery here. All this from the country that gave the world Budweiser and then had the audacity to call that watered down cats piss "beer"???

You Yanks can pick on Fosters when you remove yourselves from the glass house with the boulder in your hands, thank you very much.
Why you gotta be picking on Budweiser? It has its uses. For example, if I'm filling me up a beer bong, is sure as hell ain't gonna be with Foster's. What a waste of a perfectly good beer(s) that would be ;-)


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I want to say something, as a disagreement to many, when I come on this forum, I do not like to see no new threads. You all complain about these threads being posted over and over, but that gives people opportunities to get information from more experienced players. Maybe someone has a set that would be just perfect for these posters. The more I find on here, the more I want to come back.


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PFG- Shame on you for not clarifying that Aussies haven't touched Fosters since the 80's! : )


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Why you gotta be picking on Budweiser?
I have no use for a beer that doesn't get you pissed. I'd rather have a water.....in fact, I'm sure that's all it is.

Has anyone ever gotten drunk on Budweiser? And if so, are they terribly ashamed of that fact? :)

PFG- Shame on you for not clarifying that Aussies haven't touched Fosters since the 80's! : )
Been through it many times here mate. They all know it's our own private little joke on the rest of the world. :)


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Wow, this thread has surely taken a dive :)
I actually enjoy Coors Banquet Ale sometimes.
I also like many beers that are of the more robust nature.
Long Trail from Vermont is a fav of mine along with Sam Adams Winter Lager.
I love drinking Black & Tans too if they are poured properly.

Hey, What kind of vacuum cleaner should I buy?
I have looked at several models and they all seem to really suck :)

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So this has digressed to a new beer thread?

Here in OC we drink IPA. Try drinking a Sierra Nevada Torpedo. Now that's a bier, mate. I do enjoy a Sam Adams Lager now and then. I'll even drink a Newcastle here and there. If I go to a punk bar, it's PBR (Pabst Blue Ribbon) all the way. I don't see a Budweiser or a Foster's anywhere in my near future unless, of course, I need something cold for a bong. Then again, I don't actually own a real bong, so nope, no crappy beer for me.