Recommend a Snare Throw-off


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I am putting together a custom 14x6 snare and I am looking at different strainers. I don't really use the strainer much at all, so I'm not wanting to spend a ton of money of it. Maybe $35 or less for one. Can anyone here recommend a good strainer and butt for under $35? The snare hasn't been drilled for anything at all yet, so I will be able to use whatever kind of strainer at this point. Thanks for any help, I've looked at a bunch, but I'm not sure what's considered good and not good. I don't want to go cheap and get something crappy, but I also don't need a trick throw or something like that, way too expensive for me.


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I recently replaced a throw on my Yamaha snare with a Gibraltar SC-STO Deluxe Snare Throw-Off, I was limited in what I could use by the holes drilled in the snare, but I have to say it's surprisingly sturdy, and looks good.

However, at this stage if you have no drillings, you're lucky that you have a great range of choices.