Recommend a metronome app?

Jeremy Bender

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I have an I-pod and am looking for a good metronome app that I can download from ITunes-one that lets you pick a wide range by individual bpm.
I've noticed some of the metronomes on Youtube have a click that's hard to pick out or the tempo waivers. It staggers from time to time.

Any recommendations? Thanks.


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The one I'm using now is called Pro Metronome. The iPod like thumb wheel is pretty fast to enter tempos. I've not found one with a direct entry keyboard. If you get the paid version, you can create song lists and go from tune to tune.

I also have PolyNome for practicing odd 5 over 4 type stuff but I find it much less handy on a gig.

Another great app is Live BPM. If you want to know the tempo of something it reads it out directly. It also tracks you're playing if you want to look back and see if you've sped up or dragged. Can be disconcerting to watch while you're playing though. Can be handy for situations where someone thinks you're going off. Something about older rockers, they want it to keep speeding up. I'd get this "it's dragging!" in the middle of a song. So I show them the chart where it sped up by 2-3 BPM though the song but never slowed.


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Tempo Advance is excellent, I have been using it for quite awhile. Great fir programming in set lists for gigs and then you can share them with the rest of your band mates.

Visual Metronome is pretty nice as well, especially for those guitar players that can't find beat one after their solo. Check out the App then you will get this.


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I also use Pro Metronome. It's on my iphone. It's great. You can even do polyrythyms and odd time signatures on it too.


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checkout Polynome:

I have the others, but this app I think beats them all. Mix and match groupings, (for example, setup all the grouping for "table of time").


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I use Pro Metronome. When I have a gig that has many unfamiliar tunes I can program in a list of those tempii and just cue to the next one when I need it.