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These are a couple of unfinished tracks that I recorded drums for in the past couple of weeks. This is a bit different style of music than I typically share on this forum. This is not my gear; I'm playing the "house" drums and cymbals. These songs are incomplete. There will probably be changes to the sound and instrumentation, maybe even performances re-done, before they are finished. I know there's been some sound processing done to the drums, but not sure exactly what. Hope you enjoy.

Flying Colors

So Much More
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Oops. Thanks, Andy. The forum software seems to be wrapping my links in unwanted tags. I just used the Insert Link so hopefully they work now. Thanks for trying!


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Really liking the Flying Colours track. Lovely relaxed & fat groove that moves along smoothly without being boring = great restraint!


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Listened to, and enjoyed both. Aside from some production clean up, I didn't hear anything in the drums that wouldn't "work" or didn't work (for me anyway).

Flying Colors reminded me of Neil Young for some reason, and So Much More had a great beat-a well-played great beat and I dug the dobro and the way it interacted with the vocalist.

I would definitely give this stuff another listen.