Recent Gig by my band....


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Thought I'd share this here, it's a gig we played a short while ago in a little flea-pit venue in the next town from us. I was expecting to hate it as we played at floor level down by the toilets of the club (it holds a weekly rock club night which is basically a meat-market for local 'alternative' people to get drunk and hook-up with each other haha). But, in the end, it was really great fun and reminded me of playing old punk shows in the 90's... really loud and intense

I recorded it from a ledge behind me so the angle is a bit weird but it came out alright. It's got some of the preamble and setting up at the beginning as I just set it up and left it running. Music starts about a minute and a half in...

Obviously it looks and sounds better in HD, so turn the quality up and avoid laptop speakers!