Real Estate CBS This AM

Stefan Brodsky

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Just watched s segment from the Brooklyn - based band "Real Estate"on Saturday's CBS This Morning. Their drummer played a CC custom kit, though had placed towels/ cloths on all 3 up top drums. I realize they were performing in a TV studio, but thinner sticks and a perhaps a softer mic mix would have eliminated the need for this. I mean why bother, particularly during a live broadcast?


Drummerworld Pro Drummer - Administrator
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Didn't see the piece, but towels are typically used for a particular sound, not to make the drums quieter. I agree, if a live kit simply needs to be quieter, there are better ways. If they were playing to a track, towels wouldn't be used anyway, there are more attractive, commonly used methods to 'silence' the drums while maintaining playability. A good backline facility will also have "video cymbals" if needed.