Re Using Drum Wrap


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I'm about to get a Ddrum Dominion Pocket Maple from on of my friends. It comes with a 20" kick, 14" floor, and 16" floor. The rack tom I'm using for the kit is the same series as all the other shells but it has no wrap on it. I was thinking of taking the wrap off of one of the floors and putting it on the rack tom.
Has anyone had any experience re-using drum wrap?
I know it's not the most convenient, but I think with some wood glue and the hardware holding it down I could make it work. I've already contacted different companies to see if they could replicate the wrap but none want to venture off and try so because they don't think they'd be able to.
What does everyone think?


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Use a heat gun to soften the glue and slowly pull the wrap from the floor tom.
It can be, and has been done.
You could also take your time and find a matching rack tom used.


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its possible. people do it all the time.

but the wrap on the floor tom also has to have enough undrilled area in the middle of the shell in order to cut it to size and redrill. otherwise you will have the holes from the floor tom showing.