Hello again! Recently, i have received a few new shells, and the finish does not match my kit. I would like to re-finish all of the shells to a brighter, nicer color. However, i do not know if my shells are a wrap or a paint. I have the Yamaha tour custom from 2010 (discontinued) and the Yamaha stage custom birch from 2013. here are the links:

Tour Custom: 133/RHY133_gear_yam_kit-630-80.jpg

Birch Stage custom:

I would also like to know, what should i use to paint it? I would like pink, purple or blue, and i'm not very familiar with this topic. Thank you!


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Hi there,

Judging by the questions you're asking, you might be a prime candidate for bumwraps.

They're easy to put on, and you don't have to modify your kit (you can remove them). The results are surprisingly good.