Hey Martin. Just listened to and watched some of your stuff. Very good buddy. It was a nice surprise. :) There is a Canadian band called "The Tea Party", and they have middle east influence in their music, which is a harder rock. I love the mix!


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No takers on Rage Against the Machine huh?

Look up their first album and take a listen. Its not just heavy metal.

They're one of my favourite bands (and drummers) of all time. They were pretty much my introduction to 'heavy' music when I was about 13. Til this day I have never heard another band that sounds quite like Rage. The intro to Bulls on Parade is about as raw as it gets, a simple riff with only two notes and gigantic balls. Anyone who doesn't know this song should listen to it right now as loud as you can handle :)


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I love that "raw" feeling in music. It has always given me the perception of the "under dog" sound, as though the bands are still recording out of their momma's basement. Aside from that, it's also just the in your face power that has attracted me. Part attitude, part music. Kind of personifies rock to a certain degree.

My favorite raw tracks are...

Hyper Music by MUSE (as dangerous to car drivers as Communication Breakdown)

Consoler of the Lonely by The Raconteurs (Jack White at his best)


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Good point, DMC. I go through phases too. I'm still very keen on Steely Dan, Pink Floyd, Cinematic Orchestra etc. But another side of me laps up The White Stripes and other no-frills bands. The music just feels good.

I wish the pop and country people wouldn't "slickify" (good word :) their simple music that's best served raw IMO. It's like they're trying to make up for other lacks. It would be better if they embraced their goofyness instead of trying to mask it with production gloss.

Guess they've got to pay the rent - or buy gold plated pools - and people's ears are increasingly being trained to slick sounds, somewhat countered by music on the net.

I never think of myself as a smooth player. I find my playing a bit ploddy and wobbly and I'm grateful that people tend to listen to the overall song rather than hone in on the drummer. If someone says, "Hey, the drums are off" I can claim intentional rawness :)

How do you see your own playing in terms of raw / slick? There was some very cool raw drumming by you in your busking video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E3MWZH1u8R4

Downtown Boise?? I think I need to start going to that more. Slammin' playing sir. Good to see some Idaho representation on here.