Ranking the snares I have owned recently under $300 used


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Here is a list of snares I own or owned in the past few years with rankings or I could call this my journey back to a LM402.. I bought most of these used for around $200 some alot less..none over $279
1. Sonor Phil Rudd 5 x 14 (great snare, great range)
2. Pearl Sensitone Bronze -6.5 x 14 (single flange with clips and tube lugs..best looking)
3. Pearl free floater (bought with brass shell changed to a walnut stave)
4. Pearl vintage 70's (heavy) Alumium 6.5 x 14
5. Black Panther 15ply Thick Maple 6 x 14
6. Tama Lars Ulrich signature 6 x 14 (real heavy) biggest suprise!!
7. Mapex Saturn 5.5 x 14 (2nd best looking)
8. Sonor 3007 5 x 14 (came with set I bought)
9. Black Panther Big Cat 8 x 14
10. Pearl Joey Jordinson signature 13 x 7 (nice steel snare)
11. Ddrum dios heavy steel 5 x 14 (nice hardware, stripped it for homemade snare)
12. PDP Rat Rod 6.5 x 14 (did not like at all, cheap hardware especially throw-off)
I'm sure I missed a couple and of course I didn't even rank the acrolite I own due to it costing $50 but it would be close to the top...all this being said I have decided to get the LM402 (which I prefer to the BB which is out of this price range) and end my search for "thee snare" the great thing about buying used is getting most/all or more back when you sell them..