Random songs I've worked on for songwriters


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I'm working on finding some free-lance drumming work via the internet, I've worked with a couple of artists so far and have some other oppotunities coming my way (surprisingly in the arena of Dirty South Rap and Hip Hop).

I try not to do any songwriting of my own because I don't want to feel inclined to sing!

On most of the songs here, I'm playing bass, keys/synths, and drums. In my youtube videos, those are of me actually recording the song and I merried up the video and finished track at the end. I know my playing looks a little rigid in the videos...I always get a tight sphincter when I press record and play drums. Doesn't happen when I play bass or keys, even though I'm not very competent at either (just adequate).

I'm mostly still learning how to record more effective and get a better sound. I'm improving with each song I work on.

If interested, I have everything posted to ReverbNation, with some videos uploaded on the YouTube. I even have some of my ancient 4-track recordings from the early-90s uploaded on ReverbNation...try don't sound too bad.

If not interested, that's cool too. The beauty of forums, you can avoid anything you don't want to listen to or do!