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Playing punk is like a polka beat. I tend to use the promarks for these. Brendan was in the band "the used" if I was to categorize his style it would be "whiplash" lol.


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Dude, Brett Reed is one of my drumming heros. IMO Brett had the most perfect balance of not overplaying/serving the song. I am a huge Rancid fanboy and think Bretts drumming fit with them that much better. Brendan is a great drummer and awesome dude but I would be lying if I said he was a better fit for Rancid. I also liked Bretts drum tones and sounds a little better.


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Dang man, I respect you're purist standpoint completely. Even Lars said one time candidly "there was only one true drummer for rancid". I guess Brett just wanted to settle down, live s normal life, stop touring. Those 5 guys are the true definition of punk. If people tell me they are too forced/ poppy I tell them check out the second selftitiled album with the skull and crossbones. They had a little bit of everything for everybody. It pisses me off that most bass guitarists don't have Matt in their atg list. They just don't know the genre lol. Been rocking rancid shirts since grade 8. Their music is a whole lot of fun. Thanks for the update.

PS Brendan started a band that fired him from the band after he stood for the reason they made the band? No? I heard the used had two busses, one party bus and one sober (Brendan's bus).
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