Radio Airplay!!--tune from video short


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Well, our cd isn't out yet, but a radio station in Detroit has already played one of our songs.
It's pretty awesome, considering the corporate nature of radio anymore.

We've gotten some cool press for the cd online too, on a couple sites (Bravewords & Bloody Knuckles is one).

We did all the drums and basic guitars in one day, most of the stuff was just outlined too, so it was kinda fun doing things "as it happened".
The thinking was "Human, not perfect".

Brain Grenade is the full song from that short video clip in the studio I posed a month or so ago.
The only kinda bummer for me is all my ghost notes are kinda buried in the mix of guitars, but the drums still sound cool. Coated ambassadors, & NO muffling!

If the attached tunes don't work, here's a link:

Thanks for listening!!



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I have no idea how that could be any more solid. That's skyscraper foundation stuff right there Karl - love it!!!!