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Later this year I am going to purchase a Ludwig Element matching bass drum. My question to everyone is, can I use the rack tom stand that currently mounts to my bass drum and buy a base or do I need to buy an entire unit to hold both rack toms? I currently only use one of the toms that came with the set. Here is a picture of what my set looks like now. Thanks for any feedback you give.


Bo Eder

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It may be cheaper just to find a new or used double tom stand that fits your tom mounts though. Unless you find a shop that has a bunch or orphaned parts lying around, you’d have to special order a base that fits and you’d be charged the special price.
I would buy a tom stand, or look for a used Ludwig cymbal stand with a bass that fits the tom mount
Will the matching bass drum come with a tom mount? Maybe you could put one tom one each bass drum?


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Hey mattyfatty76 I did think of that and I did that with my first double bass set in 1970 but when I went to one stand I liked it better. Thanks for the suggestion anyway.


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The Tom mount has generally a 1" diameter, what you can do is finding a cymbal stand with a 1" base and use the tripod base for your Tom mount. The cymbal stand parts left can be clamped or slided in the bass mount for instance.
Large 1" cymbal stand aren’t the most common Though.
what I did long ago, with my Tama kit, was using a bongo stand, far less expensive than a Tom or cymbal stand, and use the lower part for the Tom mount. Percussion stands have 1" diameter base.


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Can you buy a second L-arm with the ball adjuster and add to the current tom holder pictured??