R.I.P. Remo Belli


huge loss to the drum community

may he rest easy

condolences to his family and friends

Godspeed Remo

He should be proud. He was certainly bigger than that bass drum.
Boo. First Vic Firth and now Remo. What an innovator, music changed greatly because of his drum heads.
I can't imagine imagine playing with calf skin heads in the 21st century.
I saw the news.

Very sad indeed.

Remo did so much more than just make drum heads.

He gave back to the community in big ways.

From supplying music schools with heads, to a free drum circle for little kids hosted at the Remo facility once a week, and other programs. He would even check in on the drum circles in person from time to time, making sure all the kids were enjoying themselves.
Geez...just a couple of days ago Modern Drummer posted an article about him. Way to jinx him guys.

RIP to a guy whose idea impacted us all.
As Les Paul was to the recording studio — Remo Belli was to the drum.

He had a very nice smile, and I like to think that means a lot to me.
Robert Zildjian, Vic Firth and now Remo Belli....all within a short time frame.

RIP Mr. Belli, you made an indelible mark on the entire music industry.
2016 is really sucking so far with all the music related deaths. Prayers out to his family.

RE: big bass drum........that would be great for somebody with stage fright !